worldbankpresident site overhaul complete, but can we overhaul the official process?

We established this site to open up the process for selecting a new person to run the world’s most powerful development institution. We covered the post-Wolfensohn selection process from beginning to end, and we’ve refreshed this site’s look and functionality to enhance our ability to track, comment on and – hopefully – influence who comes after Wolfowitz and what they say and do. Continue reading

Zoellick bearhug photo

So it looks like Robert Zoellick is the U.S. pick for the Bank job. There may be nominations from other governments, but now it’s time to rake over the coals and see what Zoellick has done in the past and what he would do if installed at the top of the World Bank.

As a visual break from reading serious insights into Zoellick I recommend you check out this fantastic photo of Robert Zoellick hugging a panda bear in China while on duty as Deputy Secretary of State. Continue reading

Another middle aged white American for the World Bank !

Press reports are circulating that President Bush – surprise, surprise, will pick; Robert Zoellick, another middle aged white man to head the World Bank. But does he have what it takes?. Meanwhile, and probably in responses to the press reports about Zoellick, the World Bank Board of executive directors has issued a statement. Continue reading