Two questions on interviewing the candidates

I am wondering if visitors to this site have any thoughts on what the candidates should be asked during the interviews?  and how should the bank report on these interviews and how the candidates performed?

I, for one, would like to see these interviews made public via YouTube or something similar, in keeping with what the bank says its new transparency and openness policies, but I know I am dreaming here.

5 thoughts on “Two questions on interviewing the candidates

  1. How about a series of debates including one in front of World Bank staff?

    Televise in all member countries and the have the citizen’s vote in their choice? Would be very participatory.

  2. Youtubes of their presentations for a vision of the Bank under their leadership would be a great start.

    Questions around engagement with states and civil society would be important, but I think it would likely be good to get more specific rather than generic on this subject.

    Questions on how they envision core funding and trust funds converging and diverging could be good.

  3. Since we can rule out that the bank would actually make these interviews public, I would ask the BBC, Economist or the Financial Times to hold a debate with all 3 next week before the votes are in.

  4. One question I would like to ask O’Campo –
    why did he turn a blind eye on the shenanigans of one of staff at DESA @ TurtleBay? and will he do otherwise if he is the President of the WB! Oh yes , the WB has lots of field offices

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