Who are the forerunners for World Bank President?

Here is a list of the most important global candidates for the post of World Bank President. Its from the Times of London. The odds mentioned next to each name are based on those offered by Ladbrokes.

I have linked each name to what is available about them on Google search for more information.

Competitors in race for top spot

Ashraf Ghani (odds 4-5) Would be break with tradition as first Muslim and first non-American to hold post. World Bank old-timer was Afghan Finance Minister after the overthrow of the Taleban, carrying out extensive reforms. Like Mr Wolfowitz, not known for suffering fools gladly

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (5-2) Former Nigerian Finance Minister and Foreign Minister who would be the first woman (and nonAmerican) elected. Harvard and MIT-educated, former vice-president of World Bank and a fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think-tank

Robert Zoellick (7-2) Former US Trade Representative and Deputy Secretary of State, he has wide experience of international economic diplomacy. Logical choice to smooth troubled waters

Robert Kimmitt (5-1) Deputy US Treasury Secretary seen as safe pair of hands. Decorated Vietnam veteran and lawyer. Ambassador to Germany under first President Bush

Stanley Fischer (14-1) World Bank’s former chief economist and a previous deputy head of the International Monetary Fund. Became governor of the Bank of Israel in 2005 and gave up his US citizenship; persistent rumours of interest in top job at World Bank have provoked opposition in Israel

John Bolton (16-1) President Bush could appoint him as US ambassador to the UN only on a temporary basis in the face of a hostile Congress. Forthright approach would throw oil on to the fire at the World Bank and would indicate the depths of the White House’s intransigence. Unlikely choice

Tony Blair (25-1) Formerly influential UK-based political activist. Keen to find way to pay large mortgage on London townhouse. Lacks Treasury experience and is rumoured not to want the job. Outside bet at best

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