Another on-line survey: the WB wants your views on governance and corruption

If you like on-line consultations, here’s another one. With admirable dry humour the World Bank’s civil society team this week issued the following announcement, making no mention of the governance melt-down at the top of their institution.

“Please note that the deadline to provide web feedback to seek further comments to help inform the development of the governance and anti-corruption implementation plan has been extended to Wednesday, May 30″.

“The site includes the following background materials, including the final
version of the strategy; a short note outlining the key elements of the
implementation plan; a brief power point presentation; and a set of guiding
questions for feedback. The site also contains all of the documents from the
earlier consultation process. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your feedback”.

As it does not mention the shenanigans involving Wolfowitz and his coterie of top appointees, it does not rule out comments on them either. So go ahead if you feel like it.

If you want to stay within the boundaries and comment on what the Bank should say and do on governance in its client countries, then you could read the Eurodad et al letter on this topic sent last July.

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