George Bush spells out why Zoellick is his man for the Bank.

In his official announcement of the nomination just now George Bush set out various reasons for his choice of World Bank president. They include that Robert Zoellick is:

“a committed internationalist.”

“He has earned the trust and support of leaders from every region of the world”.

Zoellick also spoke to journalists. He said “The World Bank has passed through a difficult time for all involved. There are frustrations, anxieties and tensions about the past that could inhibit the future. This is understandable but not without remedy. The World Bank has a vital mission to overcome poverty and despair through sustainable growth and opportunity”.

You can see the press conference on video here.

2 thoughts on “George Bush spells out why Zoellick is his man for the Bank.

  1. While Dubya spells out Zoellick potential, the Wolfowitz media offensive to save his name and tell “his side of the story” has begun. First stop – the Charlie Rose Show.

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