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Wolfie press conference. In Brussels for what was billed as a joint Wolfowitz, Gordon Brown and Louis Michel press conference.

Unsurprisingly, the British Chancellor made an early run for his plane, leaving Hilary Benn to mumble some excuses. The word among the assembled press is that he found the idea of sitting next to Wolfie rather more than he could stomach.

The press conference is running late, so a copy of this week's Private Eye is being passed around. Leaked minutes from a January board committee have Wolfie describing a British diplomat as a 'buffoon' who takes "orders from his country's development minister [Hilary Benn] to shovel loans out of the door and minimise conditions on them."

Just what the World Bank President needs as he desperately tries to rally supporters for his cause....

More when/if the speaking begins...

David Steven ~ May 02, 2007

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