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Free flow of the Conservative Kool-Aid It is sad to realize that the actions of Wolfowitz are still considered proper."I do not believe that Wolfowitz did anything wrong at the World Bank" said Dan Goure, a defense analyst, on NPR "All Things Considered"

However, he does agree that Wolfowitz" held himself in such high regard that he simply assumed others should too." and considers that" What he wanted to do at the World Bank was laudable"
I will leave that to his own assessment on the performance of a "government man" who does not have international development experience let alone a banking one.

Adam S. Posen said it beautifully in an interview with Jason Notte at Metro Boston :
"he never used his White House connections that we know of to draw attention to the poverty issue. The Bush administration, for all of its other evils, has actually been pretty good on the global poverty issue, but Wolfowitz hasnít made it better. He didnít really galvanize things, and instead went off on this anticorruption issues ó which has legitimacy, but is hardly a first-order goal. Itís pretty much a substantive dis-appointment on all fronts."

All in all Wolfowitz didn't raise to the expectations of his Neo-Con friend who, by the way, believes that "Even what he tried to do in Iraq, protecting America from the potential threat of terrorism and bringing democracy to the Iraqi people, was commendable: His mistake was thinking that good intentions count for anything.". EEK!!!!!
ADDITION: A reader has sent in the following snippet with respect to Dan Goure:
Goure is actually, according to the article, the VP of the Lexington Institute, an Arlington, Virginia, think tank." The report did not mention that the Lexington Institute is an organization that "believes in limiting the role of the federal government to those functions explicitly stated or implicitly defined by the Constitution,".
Note: Thank you and now we can connect the dots................

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