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Food fights at the White House. The FT reports that the Bush administration is divided into three Wolfowitz camps. Predictably, Cheney and Rove are reported to be leading the who-cares-what-rest-of-the-world-thinks posse, arguing that loyalty should win the day. If only those Europeans would just get over Iraq already...

Paulson and a select few are apparently focused on long-term US interests (including handpicking the next president) at the Bank. Wolfowitz is a liability and should be sacrificed.

The third team of "non-ideological conservatives" appears to have recruited Rice. They argue that Wolfowitz needs to go to prevent more damage to Bush. With Bush's approval ratings hovering below 30%, team Condi's position seems irrelevant at best.

This "internal dysfunction" is aggravated by a general ignorance of what the Bank is, a lack of vision regarding what it means to the US, and a knee-jerk disdain for multilateral institutions. A Paulson camp member concludes: “From a strategic point of view we could not have played this any worse.”

Sounds familiar.

Shannon Lawrence ~ May 17, 2007

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