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Two possible African candidates. The Globe and mail is the first paper to mention two possible African candidates for the presidency of a post- Wolfowitz World Bank.

The article says:

"Some World Bank critics want a more radical leadership change, proposing candidates such as South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and Nigeria's former finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala."

I am not sure I would call that a radical leadership change, and I am not a World Bank critic by the way. Its more of a credible and smart leadership change. I doubt any of the American names mentioned as possible replacements to Wolfowitz can match someone like Ingozi's experience and record on the key issues of aid to Africa, Anti-Corruption, and the credibility needed to raise the IDA funds. Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is now a Distinguished Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC

Her experience, both as a secretary to the board of executive directors and as a long time bank career member that rose through the ranks to the level of VP, also put her way ahead on both the question of building trust with the staff of the bank and also rebuilding the relationship with the board of directors.

The only questions about her chances have to do with whether the President of the US , who has the power to do this, is smart enough to name the first woman, the first African, and the first non-American as the head of the World Bank?.

A Washington source ~ May 17, 2007

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