WB President doesn’t need to be American:

Wrote the four House Chairmen in a letter to Bush, released today and reported by Reuters. According to them,“The nominee should be deeply committed to American values, but need not have an American address. The global pool of talent is deep, and we should make it clear that the United States believes that the best nominee could come from anywhere,” the Democratic congressmen said. Continue reading

Why Carly Should NOT be considered?

In this post I mentioned and did comment that Carly Fiorina should not be considered for the position of the Prez of the WB. Indeed she had what she called “a successful career” at AT&T/Lucent but that was mainly in Sales and Marketing. Some of us know how the revenues brought by a good account and a good contract can benefit the head honcho and spiral his/her career in the world of backslapping industrial sales. Continue reading