Our friends at the Social Justice Committee Canada have set up a website, to formally make suggestions on who should succeed Wolfowitz. The poll’s results will be sent to the Canadian Finance Minister, who will be urged to make a nomination based on them.

More from SJC:

“Visitors are asked to provide their choice for the new president,
give their nationality, and promise to vote only once. The results
of the poll will be sent to the Canadian Minister of Finance, to
guide him in making a nomination to the position.

“My personal vote is for Stephen Lewis,” said SJC Director Derek
MacCuish. “I think he suits the criteria the World Bank’s Executive
Directors set out on May 29 – which we hope they’ll follow. But
there are certainly lots of other good candidates out there, and we
want to find out who they are.”

The poll will close June 15, when the World Bank’s Board of
Governors will make the final decision on the nomination. “

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  1. The good friends at Social Justice should focus more on their and other G7 countries delivering on their aid promises, via IDA or other means. If there is no money, there isn’t much a World Bank president can do.

    And also start advocating online voter election for the CEO of all banks in their countries.

    Endeavors like these demean advocacy of social justice.

  2. Who are they kidding?
    By no means I am underestimating their action but one has to be a realist.
    With the departure of Blair, “Steve” Harper wants to be the next poodle. Flaherty will do nothing w/o a nod from the PMO or Harper who, in turn, posits to ride on the coat tails of WB since Canada has lost its foothold to have an impact in the Global village. Just watch them at the next G-8 meeting next week.
    Sammy Watson, the ED representing Canada, Ireland and some Caribbean nations will take orders from the PMO via Flaherty and the Embassy in DC.

  3. Um, these people in Canada claims to be doing an unscientific poll of who might be nominated by Canada.

    Right underneath it, they let it be known that they propose Stephen Lewis.

    Notwithstanding the lack of credentials of Stephen Lewis, his status as a university dropout, his lack of international credibility, banking experience, and ability to raise funds for the Bank, and the plain fact that he is probably a worst candidate on paper than Wolfowitz when he was first nominated…..

    Here is a brief profile of him for those who really want this joker:

    Of course, if common sense were to prevail, the owners of this site might regard the shameless use of to be trading off the good reputation of this site….. cyber squatting by another name….

    A little common sense would probably result in frank and candid representations made to the cyber squatters to lay off and get another name.

    But then, to lecture a bunch who puts forward Stephen Lewis (which has zero chance of being made in charge of anything with the exception of his own outhouse), might be, um, not a wise use of ones time.

  4. I have to agree with the previous comment about Stephen Lewis’s lack of credentials for a job that it, above all, about finance and management. Despite his sterling role for the UN in Africa on HIV/AIDS, and his articulate advocacy in Canada for many of the anti-poverty goals the world community has assigned to the Bank, he needs to update his worldview on, for example, structural adjustment, where the anecdotes of the 90s do not reflect the policy and practice of the World Bank and the IMF today. Stephen Lewis is a fine ally for the Bank, if he would update himself on what we do today, but he is not material to lead it.

  5. Boost aid? Harper is a poodle? Gotta love the tangents.
    Lighten up people. If you have a better idea about how to express any disatisfation with the Bush admin running the World Bank, why don’t you let the world know about it, and stop bitching about other initiatives.

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