Zoellick appointment “grotesque” – Bachelet.

South Africa’s Independent Online reports that Chilean president Michelle Bachelet criticised the decision by the US administration to nominate yet another American to head the World Bank as “grotesque”. South African president Thabo Mbeki is also quoted as saying at the International Monetary Conference (a gathering of the world’s top officials from private and central banks) on the weekend that “future appointments should be made using an open and transparent selection process with candidates not restricted by nationality.”There may be some confusion however over what Mbeki means by “future appointments” – other articles covering the Mbeki statement suggest that he congratulated Zoellick on his “appointment” (nb. not nomination!).

One thought on “Zoellick appointment “grotesque” – Bachelet.

  1. Well, I daresay that grotesque or not, I’m not hearing much protest from the heavy hitters. Kudos to those like Bachelet who aren’t afraid to stand up for something and protest about this undemocratic and unfair practice. The Bank is uniquely placed to help achieve the MDGs. It should not squander this opportunity.

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