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Tide finally turns against Wolfowitz As the Board has apparently adjourned for lunch. everyone is holding their breath. "How can he stay?" "Whatever is he thinking?" "Surely they'll not pay him to leave!" "Maybe he won't go, oh no." Fortunately the fix seems to be in. more...

Voice of Reason ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Board adjourns meeting At the request of the US, the 24-member Board deliberating Wolfowitz discipline options has adjourned until 2:30 p.m. (1830 GMT) reports Reuters. It mentions also that the US has withheld its endorsement of the Report from the Ad Hoc Panel

The Beaver ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

`C'est la Vie'. South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel is quoted as saying: "there should be a parting of the ways'' between the bank and Wolfowitz. more...

A Washington source ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz not welcome anywhere. Few countries want to have Wolfowitz come knocking on their doors these days and less are willing to even offer him token support. more...

A Washington source ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz's defence: what's the outlook? Wolfowitz's statement yesterday really repays careful reading. Posted here (PDF) late yesterday, you can see many comments already from site visitors. But what amazes me most about it is the way that Wolfowitz says he did nothing wrong on Riza, skips over several other issues in the Ad Hoc Group's report, then proceeds to admit that his overall management at the Bank has been a disaster.

Meanwhile there are hints of a new deal being offered by the US government, that the Canadian government has swung against Wolfowitz, and that the Europeans are not softening their positions. more...

Alex Wilks ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Another investigation of Wolfowitz and Riza starts at the State Department. The FT is reporting that the US State Department, where Riza went (or did not, depending on who you believe) for her external assignment, has launched a new probe on Wolfowitz and his role in Riza's career. more...

A Washington source ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Statement of Paul Wolfowitz Here is a copy of what Paul Wolfowitz said to the board of executive directors this afternoon in his opening statement. more...

A Washington source ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (38)

Wolfie pleads for his job but may resign Just saw this: Adelaide now
"World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz implored the lender's board today to let him stay in his job, promising changes in his management style in the wake of a damaging scandal over favouritism, according to a hearing transcript." more...

The Beaver ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz Lifeline Shortens and John Briscoe Speaks. Lots was going on at the Bank today. Internal Communications, whose courage is keeping the bulletin boards going strong, had a busy day deleting inappropriate posts, caught in the crossfire between those who thought he should go and those who thought it was inappropriate to think he should go. You had to be quick to see anything objectionable ("not compatible with the code of conduct") and it turned out that 2 of IC's 7 staff were engaged 24/7 in the purging. If that ratio is true elsewhere in the Bank, then The Current Situation is burning through $2 million a day. more...

Deep Insider ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

Media Round Up It's been a busy day for news (and we haven't even heard the results of the 5pm discussion between Wolfowitz and the Board). Here are a few of the more interesting tidbits: more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

Canada on Board, Whither Japan? An anonymous source has written the following open letter, urging Japan to renounce its support for Wolfowitz. more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

Elementary my dear Watson. The FT reports that Canada has sided with the Europeans in refusing the US request for more time in dealing with the crisis. This leaves only Japan that continues to blindly toe the US line - supporting US calls to separate discussion of ethics violations by Wolfowitz from the broader question of whether he should remain in his post. more...

Jeff Powell ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

More invective about Palacio. Worldbankpresident.org received the following about Wolfowitz-appointee general legal counsel Ana Palacio from someone who claims to be a World Bank staffer - "sent anonymously for fear of reprisal".

Jeff Powell ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (15)

Rizagate whistleblower speaks. US NGO Government Accountability Project (GAP), which broke the story about Wolfowitz' interventions on behalf of his partner, has posted a letter sent today from the Bank staffer who leaked the original Shaha Riza payroll records. The staffer says the whole ugly affair has exposed "the underlying inadequacy of the Bank's governance framework", calling for a drastic overhaul of whistleblower protections and the leadership selection process.

Jeff Powell ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

It's unanimous. The great and the good (OK, I'm on there so it's not exactly an exclusive club) from NGOs, academia and development thinktanks have signed on to the call from the Brookings Institution that the "outdated convention should be abandoned and replaced with selection procedures that reflect two key principles: transparency of process, and competence of prospective leadership without regard to national origin." Just do it.

Jeff Powell ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

UPDATE:White House: Turning of the tide? A senior White House official has told ABC News that "all options are on the table" regarding Paul Wolfowitz's future and "it is an open question" whether he should should remain as President of the World Bank. more...

The Beaver ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

Background Reading OK, so it looks like I can't do real work for more than five minutes today without getting a call from the media or an anonymous tipster trying to pass me some bit of gossip. So, here are some background materials that newcomers to the story may find interesting. more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (2)

A strong indictment of Wolfowitz These are the words that David Corn uses to qualify the report from the Ad Hoc Panel on his blog on the topic: How Wolfowitz and Riza Gamed the Bank more...

The Beaver ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz mistakes "not a firing offense" "The White House acknowledged on Tuesday that World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz erred in the handling of a pay raise and promotion for his companion but said that was not cause for him to be removed from his job.
"We've made clear that we support Paul Wolfowitz. Furthermore, he has said -- and we agree -- that certainly a lot of mistakes were made in the personnel process. But it's not a firing offense," White House spokesman Tony Snow told reporters."
according to Reuters more...

The Beaver ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

All but two World Bank Country Directors Sign Letter Urging "Rapid Resolution" 37 of 39 World Bank Country Directors (CDs) have signed a letter urging a "rapid resolution" to the scandal (i.e.: Wolf out now). One of the two who did not sign is John Briscoe. Those of us involved in water and the World Bank will remember that Briscoe was the World Bank's man in charge of derailing the World Commission on Dams. When he failed to water down the commissions recommendations, Briscoe successfully argued that the Board should effectively take no action (pdf 5 pages). more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 15, 2007 ~ Link

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