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Wolfowitz satire. Wolfowitz's rumoured nomination for the Bank top job has inspired a burst of satire. John Cavanagh, director of Washington-based progressive thinktank Institute for Policy Studies, has published an entertaining Top Ten Reasons Why Paul Wolfowitz Would Make a Good World Bank President. Meanwhile another commentator proposed Rumsfeld to head Amnesty International.

Cavanagh's top ten pro-Wolfowitz points include:
- "He can develop a pre-emptive poverty doctrine where the World Bank could invade countries that fail to make themselves safe for U.S. business, modeled on the U.S. pre-emptive war doctrine he helped craft".

- "With all his experience helping U.S. companies grab Iraq ’s oil profits, he's got just the right experience for doling out lucrative World Bank contracts to U.S. businesses".
- "Unlike the Treasury Department’s John Taylor, another leading candidate, at least Wolfowitz doesn't want to get rid of the institution he would head".

There has also been a lot of comment on Wolfowitz on the Guardian weblog. One wag commented: "Wolfowitz for the Bank? Next, we need Rumsfield as head of Amnesty International, Oily Cheny as responsible for halting global warming and implementing Kyoto, Ariel Sharon as Secretary General of the UN".

Some more sober points were made, too. On the positive side are comments about his promotion of democracy. One writer said he played "a key role in levering out President Ferdinand Marcos from the Philippines once the people had turned against him". However, another writes "where was his love of democracy when he was backing Suharto and his 'strong and remarkable leadership' in Indonesia? Even when the US finally abandoned their support for Suharto the worst criticism Wolfowitz could manage was that he 'overstayed' as leader whilst still lauding his supposed achievements".

You can also have your say on Wolfowitz on our web forum.

Alex Wilks ~ March 03, 2005

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