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Diverse new names proposed. Two letters in today's Financial Times suggest new people for the World Bank president job. The first letter, from former World Bank director Venkatachar S. Raghavan, says the US government should look beyond: "business executives or discredited politicos". He proposes Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and an economist of international stature. Raghavan suggests this would be well-received by developing countries and Bank staff.

Another letter, from Louis Riggio, says the Bank does not need "a pure development specialist". He angles instead for "a top international banker or financial figure with strong exposure to the developing world". José Angel Gurria Treviño, the former Mexican finance and foreign minister; Henrique Meirelles, the current Brazilian Central Bank president; Pedro Malan, former Brazilian finance minister; Armínio Fraga, former Brazilian Central Bank president.

However Riggio demonstrates some confusion about the topic by ending his letter "any of these would also be excellent candidates to head the International Monetary Fund".

You can comment on these proposed candidates on our web forum.

Alex Wilks ~ March 10, 2005

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