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Froths and fits. Advice from the American Digest: FILE UNDER: "How to make your enemies froth at the mouth, set their hair on fire, and run from the room screaming 'I got the fear!' "

The Corner is enjoying the fun: "Oh the fits that are coming from the Left!" And sure enough, Democratic Underground has gone ballistic...

One World Bank staff member writing on the site comments: "the aristocratic disdain, blinkered mentality and unwillingness to compromise of Bush, are overwhelming. I am depressed. I have to go draft an agreement and I'm almost too depressed to even contemplate working because of this announcement".

You get a different view in this comment thread at Little Green Footballs:

"What I like about this is that Bush is saying a big fat "Fuck You" to the 400+ million Europeans and 1+ billion Muslims who think that Paul Wolfowitz is the King of the Jews who run America.

"To all of these 1+ billion raging psychotic Nazi Jew-haters, all I can say is that I hope your heads explode in rage."

According to another commenter: "I don't understand exactly why the moonbats are flying into walls over this; the Bush Administration is in favor of grants (that do not have to be repaid) as opposed to loans to eligible countries. This decreases their debt load, I presume.

"Maybe Wolfowitz will tie loan or grant eligibility to a regime change in these countries; which in most cases is the root cause of their economic and social woes anyway."

David Steven ~ March 16, 2005

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