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Strong critique from senior German. A senior German parliamentarian has made a very strong statement against the Wolfowitz nomination. Michael Mueller, a deputy leader of the ruling Social Democrats slammed the US nomination and called on Europe to fight the move. "The recommendation ... is devastating. The cold warrior has already proven he is an arsonist".

Mueller warned Wolfowitz at the Bank would create "a militarisation of thinking" and cause "instability and crisis". He urged European leaders had to do everything possible to prevent Wolfwitz being given the post.

Thilo Hoppe and Fritz Kuhn, spokesmen for coalition partners the Greens, also suggested Schroeder will have to be careful in responding. They said Wolfowitz was "not a good choice" and that he was unacceptable unless he changed policy.

Meanwhile Nicole Bacharan, a French commentator on U.S. affairs, commented (Reuters): "Bolton followed by Wolfowitz sounds like a declaration of war -- and if not that, a declaration of contempt (for Europe)".

Alex Wilks ~ March 17, 2005

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