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Bank staff direct anger also at Europeans. Two interesting e-mails have reached us showing that the bitterness of Bank staff also being partly directed towards the Europeans. The Bank staff fear being let down. One Bank staffer wrote: "If this appointment goes ahead much of our dismay should be directed at the Europeans for abandoning an institution to which they pay plenty of lip service but are unwilling to stand by."

And another: "I'm outraged at the Europeans, who regularly attack the US for his unilateral actions, but who eventually might decide not to fight this decision. The idea of doing my job the best that you can in an institution who has little credibility in the world is not uplifting".

"The fact that Wolfowitz was chosen on ideological grounds, and not based on his competence or experience in development is truly damaging for the little reputation that the Bank has tried to build in the past few years. We are going to be a multilateral institution represented by the most controversial, ideologically-driven neo conservative, who's most likely going to stir the direction of our mandate towards some democracy crusade defined according to US interests. '50 years is enough' even greeted the nomination on the following grounds: "With Wolfowitz in place, the Bank's masterful spinners of noble rhetoric will be unable to persuade anyone that the institution is really working for the benefit of the poor. We'll finally be able to use the word 'imperialism' about Bank policy without raising eyebrows".

Alex Wilks ~ March 18, 2005

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