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Bank staffer begs to differ. We have received a retort to the post earlier that "it could have been much worse". A colleague of theirs responds: "I have never been a person who subscribes to the logic of the lesser of two evils. I find it personally to be the moral argument of the weak and cowardly".

Our correspondent continues: "so the argument put forward by the person who described him/her self as "a senior member of the Bank's management team" does not fly with me".

"The question I have for this person and others who may adapt that line of reasoning is: Do you believe that the already shaky reputation of the bank can survive, at least for the short term , having Paul Wolfowitz , considering his godfather-like image in Europe and the developing world, as your lead spokesman?. I doubt it very much".

"They will have to pay me a whole lot of money to work in your PR department".

As on so many other issues, Mr Wolfowitz has not yet declared what he would do with the Bank's External Relations Department, nor payscales.

Alex Wilks ~ March 21, 2005

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