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Wolfowitz's to do list. Someone called Saifedean Ammous has been in touch with an interesting message. They "managed to hack into Paul Wolfowitz’s laptop" and found his To-Do List for the Bank. It includes: "Third World governments that can’t pay back their debts to have their Finance Ministers sent to the Repayment Department headquarters in Abu Ghraib".

Worldbankpresident.org is pleased to provide you the Wolfowitz list, as supplied by Ammous.

World Bank To-Do List

1. Launch preemptive war on poverty; kill all the poor

2. Since the war on Iraq made the whole world a safer place, all countries of the world will have to pay the US back its costs, with interest

3. The World Bank to be renamed ‘American Enterprise Institute-Executive Branch’

4. No more ‘Structural Adjustment Programs.’ Replace with ‘Regime Change Programs’

5. Third World governments that can’t pay back their debts to have their Finance Ministers sent to the Repayment Department headquarters in Abu Ghraib

6. Developing countries not to get loans or grants, only private accounts that they can invest in the New York Stock Exchange

7. The World Bank to divest itself from any organization that carries out or supports abortion or contraception

8. Launch preemptive war on AIDS, kill all patients

9. World Bank to exclude all Muslim states from membership

10. “You’re either with us, or you’re with the Central Planners”

11. All countries of the world to have complete accountability and transparency, so that all blame can be pinned on them and the World Bank isn’t accountable to anything.

12. David Duke to be placed in charge of African Affairs

13. Bill O’Reilly to be appointed Chief Economist of the World Bank

14. Pat Robertson to be placed in charge of Islamic Affairs

15. World bank to ditch lending and go into borrowing; generating a $600billion deficit

16. International enforcement of Bush’s tax cuts, all the rich of the world should never pay taxes

17. All loans to developing countries conditional on all their citizens watching two hours of FOX news every day

18. Complete regions of the world to be privatized, only Halliburton can

19. All oceans to be privatized, only Halliburton can bid

20. Forget Kyoto, the atmosphere to be privatized, only Halliburton can

Other suggestions of what Wolfowitz might do at the Bank? Post them on our web forum.

Alex Wilks ~ March 24, 2005

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