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From Inside the WB: Discontent over Riza We hear from Bank insiders that Shaha Ali Riza, whom Paul Wolfowitz has been dating for a couple of years, is not popular with her colleagues. As acting manager for External Relations and Outreach in the Middle East/North Africa region of the World Bank, she is to some degree the institution's public face on that region.

Her personnel file at the Bank reportedly contains several complaints about her job performance as well as about a certain "lack of people skills." This, we are told, is part of what is behind the World Bank Staff Association's relatively more open disagreement with the U.S.'s choice.

The WBSA raised loud complaints a few years ago when Wolfensohn named Nick Stern as Chief Economist. Several staffers pointed out the Bank's strict anti-nepotism laws should have prevented that move, since Stern's brother was on staff at the Bank. Their complaints were never addressed seriously.

It should be noted that at least one civil society organization believes that Riza is one of the most effective gender experts working at the Bank.

Soren Ambrose ~ March 27, 2005

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