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Smelling hypocrisy. Tony Sisule, writing in The Nation (Narobi) is not convinced by Mr Wolfowitz's "politically correct" statements about wanting to do something about African poverty. Sisule says "It is obvious that the cause of poverty in Africa is poor access to international markets and the heavy debt burden. Good governance will only work if it is matched by a fair deal in international trade and the cancellation of debts".

He continues "the wealthy nations are flagrantly hypocritical in handling the debt problem. The Bush administration took just a few days to help cancel the $120 billion owed by Iraq because the country is an important source of oil for America. Yet successive US administrations have opposed total debt forgiveness for other poor countries deemed to be of less strategic importance".

The current signals on G7 debt talks are not encouraging. But many activists are gearing up to increase pressure on decision-makers.

Alex Wilks ~ April 06, 2005

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