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Wolfowitz's alienating style Three quotes from a long round-up piece in the American Chronicle. It reports that Wolfowitz's style has alienated many. Extra material from Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.

"'Mortally' wounded with little credibility and lost moral stature Wolfowitz like rest of the world awaits his own exit".

"Reportedly, Wolfowitz has failed to garner support for his future and reportedly the number of those distancing themselves from him is growing by the hours".

"Wolfowitz’s working style has more to do with his likely departure than the scandal itself. Unlike Kofi Anan who despite all efforts survived the corruption allegations involving his son because UN as whole backed him. In case of Wolfowitz that is missing. His over reliance on inner circle of two aides and ignoring of bank’s policies are equally responsible for his current condition".

Maureen Down in the New York Times has some extremely acid comments in her Saturday opinion piece.

"He has yet to admit any real mistakes with the hellish war that claimed five more American soldiers ... but he admitted on Thursday that he’d made a mistake when he got his sweetheart, Shaha Ali Riza, an Arab feminist who shares his passion for democratizing the Middle East, a raise to $193,590 — more than the taxpaying (and taxing) Condi Rice makes".

"Wolfie also alienated the bank by bringing two highhanded aides with him from Bushworld, aides who had helped him with Iraq. One was the abrasive Robin Cleveland, called Wolfie’s Rottweiler. The other was Kevin Kellems, known as Keeper of the Comb after his star turn in “Fahrenheit 9/11,” where he handed his boss a comb so Wolfie could slick it with spittle for TV. (Maybe his girlfriend didn’t get enough of a raise.)"


Alex Wilks ~ April 14, 2007

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