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Hot blogging on the World Bank president. Our blog has been the subject of a Reuters piece, and the Guardian's news blog has kindly also linked into us in their top story. Some World Bank staff have also set up their own blog. Fellow bloggers will be outraged at its stories of censorship and editing of postings to a weblog established by Bank staff on Thursday (though placing the blog on the Bank's intranet may not have been wise).

Other blogs are digging further into what Shaha Riza is actually doing with that high World Bank salary (Huffington Post, Daily Kos, while 'Evil Queen' has an acid headline: 'Foundation for the Enrichment of Neocon Girlfriends').

More blog round-up to come here soon, when I get time. You can of course help yourself using Google or Technorati.

We're very happy for more people to link into us to get the breaking news on this issue. And happy to link back.

Alex Wilks ~ April 15, 2007

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