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African civil society not amused. As the previous entry notes, stomachs are turning over the exploitation of African government officials by the Wolfowitz forces. The following statement was written last night by Njoki Njoroge Njehu, executive director of Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center in Nairobi, Kenya. It has been submitted to groups in Washington who will try to put out a press release later today. But any journalist reading this can get a scoop ...

“Don’t try to make Africa Wolfowitz's saving grace. The impact of the World Bank’s policy impositions of the last 20 years still devastates us every day. There are still kids out of school, hospitals without medicines, thousands of children dying before the age of five, and millions without safe water because of the Bank’s policies. Paul Wolfowitz has done nothing to change that; he is no true friend of Africa.

"African politicians do African peoples no favors by making excuses for corruption and for the corrupt. They claim Wolfowitz has been an ally in fighting corruption? Too bad they haven’t learned that fighting corruption means rejecting it in all its forms. Wolfowitz is a self-proclaimed slayer of corruption, he must be held to the highest standards. His corruption exposes him and the institution that he heads for their crass hypocrisy and complicity in the rot of corruption that pervades the global economic system. Corruption cannot be tolerated; Wolfowitz must resign.”

Ms. Njehu can take press calls on her mobile phone: +254-723-229-426.

Soren Ambrose ~ April 16, 2007

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