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Jettison Cleveland, Daboub, to save your skin. Hard-hitting advice to Wolfowitz from respected foreign policy blogger Pundita. Get rid of key allies/appointees if you want to survive.

According to Pundita the World Bank president should:

"lobby for demoting Daboub or find a way to keep Daboub's paws off family planning issues at the World Bank".

"pack off Ms Cleveland to GOP headquarters".

A neat argument. But given his penchant for cronyist/political appointments he'd be worried about implying problems with these ones. And there'd be a danger he'd just find similar people to take their places.

And I'm not sure that the Staff Association, the media, the shareholders, the NGOs or others will accept such sacrifices. Surely it has to be the president who goes.

Alex Wilks ~ April 17, 2007

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