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Is Palacio Wolfowitz's personal lawyer? A message posted by Bank staff on an internal bulletin board suggests that Bank general legal counsel (and Wolfowitz-appointee) Ana Palacio may have her allegiances confused.

As last week's Board meeting on Riza-gate was about to commence, Mr.
Wolfowitz and Mmes. Cleveland and Palacio barged into the Board room and demanded to participate in the closed-door Board session. An argument ensued between the Board and the executive triumvirate. Paul Wolfowitz and Robin Cleveland left only because they had to attend a press conference related to the Spring Meetings. Ms. Palacio demanded to stay because she claimed she had a right to remain as counsel to the board. In turn, the board responded they would call her when it deemed her legal counsel was needed.

A needless debate that lasted close to an hour followed and MS. PALACIO REFUSED TO LEAVE THE BOARD ROOM! The board was then forced to adjourn the meeting and later convene another one in another venue. This institution now resembles a schoolyard filled with spoiled bullies grasping to stay in power. How much lower can our so-called leaders get?

The clear answer is yes, she is Mr. Wolfowitz's lawyer. Ask the legal staff who are up in arms ...

In the last bit the invective got a little too strong for wbp's delicate constitution.

Jeff Powell ~ April 22, 2007

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