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World Bank, SAIC, and the Iraq occupation authority.. its nepotism galore ....Andrew Cockburn, witting for the The Guardian today, mentions an earlier attempt by Paul Wolfowitz to place Shaha Riza in the Iraq occupation administration of Paul Bremer. Cockburn explains that Wolfowitz " did his best to secure a high-level position in the administration of the conquered country for Riza".

In his article, "The puppet who cleared the way for Iraq's destruction" , Cockburn writes:

"Earlier Wolfowitz had manoeuvred to have himself appointed as viceroy in Iraq. That effort failed. But a newly revealed inquiry by the Pentagon's inspector general found that, in a foretaste of things to come, he did his best to secure a high-level position in the administration of the conquered country for Riza. Seemingly, he was in awe of her expertise on Iraqi matters. Participants in high level meetings to discuss intelligence on Iraq told me they were startled to hear the deputy secretary of defence invoke his girlfriend: "Shaha says ..." Other Pentagon officials were less impressed by her knowledge of the country, not to mention the enormous salary she demanded for her services, and successfully blocked the appointment. Instead, a huge Pentagon contractor, Saic, was directed to hire Riza for a temporary Iraq mission."

Her colleagues in the Bank apparently were also less impressed by her knowledge in communications as well when they turned her down twice for promotion, until Wolfie came along and gave her a non-competitive promotion and promises of future promotions when she gets back to the World Bank from helping the US State department spread "more Iraqi style" democracy in the rest of the Mid-East.. Promises he, and the bank, probably won't be able to keep after all.

A Washington source ~ April 26, 2007

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