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Wolfowitz-Bennett set the stage to backtrack on promises to accept the board's decision... Wolfowitz , the New York Times reports, apparently sent a letter to the board of executive directors yesterday accusing them of treating him "shabbily and unfairly,". This echoes Bennett's words before about his fear that Wolfowitz is not being given a chance to defend himself.

Knowing full well that this issue is not a legal issue and can't be resolved in a court of law, the Wolfowitz - Bennett tag team seem to be trying to set the stage for them to backtrack on Wolfowitz promises that he will "accept any remedies they ( the board of executive directors) propose". Wolfowitz and Bennett are also trying to buy more time. One reason may be that they want to wait for the EU-US summit meeting next week, where the Wolfowitz issue will likely come up as per the request of the EU parliament. Dick Cheney and George Bush may still come to the rescue of their disgraced Wolfie, the World Bank credibility on the other hand, seems to be the furthest thing from Wolfowitz's mind.

See also Alex Wilks' post from earlier on the progress of the Bank board's deliberations and a possible deal that is being discussed.

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