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Widening the net (updated). Responding to our request yesterday about clarification of the mandate of the investigation into Bank leaks, we received the following:

Updated Message from Ana Palacio, Sr. VP and Group General Counsel
*Date: *April 11, 2007 - 12:43 *Sponsor: *Legal Department

Regarding my message to all staff of *April 9,
a number of staff members have sought clarification. The questions have
centered on the scope of the investigation that has been initiated as a
result of the joint decision of the President and the Dean of the Board
(Joint message posted on *February

As stated in my communication of April 9, 2007, the Washington, D.C. law
firm of Williams & Connolly, LLP has been asked to address the matters
agreed between the President and the Dean as the subject of the
investigation. The investigation will focus on two stories appearing on the
Foxnews.com website. The first appeared on January 31, 2007, entitled
"Wolfowitz vs. the World Bank board: It's Trench Warfare." The story was
based on confidential Bank documents. The second story appeared on March 27,
2007, and was based on confidential email communications internal to the
Bank related to country dialogue. In both instances, the stories involved
disclosure of confidential internal documents and communications in
violation of Bank policy.

As stated in my earlier communication, Williams & Connolly has been retained
to conduct an investigation into the unauthorized disclosures that provided
the basis for the January 31, 2007 and the March 27, 2007, news stories
appearing on Foxnews.com. The Board and the President ask that everyone give
these representatives their full cooperation.

If you have information that you believe is relevant to this investigation,
please contact Jonathan Kravis at Williams & Connolly. His telephone number
is (202) 434-5206.

Ana Palacio
Senior Vice President and Group General Counsel

Jeff Powell ~ April 25, 2007

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