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Shaha Riza Never Seconded to State Department. (Update). The folks at The Wolfowitz Must Resign blog, which is maintained by anonymous World Bank Staffers, have dug a little more in the paper trail on Shaha Riza. They point out that ... "In the 102 pages of documents disclosed by the World Bank's Board of Directors, document #17, is a letter from J. Scott Carpenter at the State Department to Xavier Coll, Head of Human Resources at the World Bank. Mr. Carpenter writes, "We take this opportunity to note that we do not view Ms. Riza as detailed or seconded to the U.S. Government". . The question is: why did she have a security clearance then?

Comment from a reader, posted 27 April, 04.00 EST
Hmm ... Riza having access to a site that she needed to be cleared for is a bit disturbing if nobody was responsible for her.

When I contracted for the government my job was provisional based upon my getting cleared. When offsite for a period of time clearances were deactivated and it took a lot of paperwork to get them to recognize that it was the same person again.

To give someone access to a sensitive installation without cause and without them working for the organization is not only not SOP it is a security nightmare! Of course, in this case they had little choice: if they did not take her I am unclear what the next step would have been.

Could the state department be more lax about security than everyone else? :)

Another thing about clearances: they are expensive. Also contracting companies highly prize people who already have them.

A Washington source ~ April 26, 2007


interesting that the State Department (BMENA) registered the Foundation for the Future's website, and that the so-called physical address and phone number are the Eurasia Foundation. A mail drop?

Hawk-eyed reader ~ April 29, 2007, 05:31 PM

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