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What is Wolfowitz thinking? ... Another editorial from the New York Times wonders "what Paul Wolfowitz is telling himself as he wages an unseemly fight to hang on to his job as head of the World Bank.". The editorial then concludes by advising him that "The best thing he can do for the bank, the country and himself is to step down."

A Washington source ~ April 28, 2007


We are now in a situation where he has to be fired if the World Bank is to hope to recover its already somewhat tarnished reputation. Resignation is too easy for him and the Board. The first step is for the Board to fire him, and then accept what should have been done a long time ago, recruit the best person for the job. Don't worry about the delay this will cause, Wolfowitz has already caused the entire place to grind to a halt; not just because of these unbelievable recent episodes, but by his careful orchestration of eliminating the best staff the Bank had, and replacing them with his "friends" and by forcing Bush policies onto this institution; we need a stronger Board.

Next step, look into how on earth these multiple staffing irregularities were allowed to happen; assuming even half of what we read is true, then the governance of the Bank needs addressing. There are of course, many other issues related to both this and other staffing and management issues that need reviewing. The fact that the World Bank sits outside legal frameworks leaves the brave staff association with such minimal leverage. So the next step, ensure that these institutions are held to account in a court of law.

I was one of those unfortunate people that had to represent the Bank to developing country Governments over these last few weeks; how ashamed I was, had it not been that I would have left my team down, I would have stayed at home. Can you imagine that consultants and staff alike are so ashamed of this situation that they avoid saying who they work for. All the staff do is talk about when he will go; meanwhile what about the job in hand?

Sack him now, stand up and be counted, that will be the very first step in restoring confidence. Each day lost now makes the job of rebuilding even harder, we all know that. The Europeans will have to fix this.

Kelly P ~ April 28, 2007, 07:07 PM

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