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Is standing-down un-American? PW should consult his friends, who are managing Public Corporations, about good governance in the aftermath of corporate flame-outs . He has already shown that he lacks the emotional intelligence required for his current position and yet, according to the Telegraph he told a friend last week: "I'm seeing this out. I'm going to ride it out." In the same article in the Telegraph, it is mentioned that: ”Insiders say that even the US treasury secretary, Henry Paulson, is convinced that Mr Wolfowitz should resign because his behaviour would not have been appropriate in a multinational business.”

Through the 102 page document released to the Ethics Committee, he has proved that he is clearly not suitable for the job when he requested advice from the ethics panel on the possible conflict of interest that Riza might bring by working there. Anyone vying for a high-level position in Corporate America or International Organizations is aware of workplace fairness and ethical code of conduct . Neither Wolfowitz nor Riza is a Junior employee on his/her first job and they should have known better than to try and push the envelope thus far. Alas arrogance and the fact that they succeeded to get through their own agendas in 2003 made them think that no civil servant would dare question their actions.

Before he goes in front of the board tomorrow, may be he should take the advice from FT: “How to quit with admirable aplomb”. After all he should remember these words from the late John Kenneth Galbraith (who must be chuckling in his grave) : "Anyone who says he isn't going to resign, four times, definitely will”

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