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Incredulity replaces Irony (Update with GAP) The issue now is that Paul Wolfowitz and his counsellors and their enablers have taken a mismanaged conflict of interest and botched "solution" that strains credulity, and blown it into an issue of global proportions. And even if you think he might be able to run the Bank, mobilize IDA and lead us to his dream of a world free of corruption--and few now do--this, alone, should be ample evidence of his unfitness to be President of the World Bank Group.

As Paul Wolfowitz sought to regularize the Bank's relationship with his girlfriend, the Ethics Committee was led to believe Ms. Riza was far more accomplished than the facts demonstrated. She was an acting unit chief, for which level GG was probably appropriate. She was never an "acting director".

She was not cleared for GH (twice) and she was not shortlisted for the job. So the whole approach to the problem was incorrect, however she and her attorney characterized it then, however Paul Wolfowitz characterized it to the Ethics Committee then and however he rationalized the exceptionally generous treatment in the directions he gave to Xavier Coll. And her dispatch to State violated US appropriations law, to boot.

Of course, after you've handed fabulous tax-free salaries to other arrivistes near and dear to you, fairness must apply to your girlfriend.

And let's not forget that other item on Shaha's resume. Shaha's credentials included the work, as a G4 visa holder, for American defence contractor SAIC working on political activities in an occupied member country with which the Bank had, at that point, no dealings. A job Paul Wolfowitz's office told SAIC to give her, and that her supervisor did not know about, never mind approve.

No, the facts are clear, however the lawyer-spokesmen (two now) spin them. Just ignore the 20 pages and his defiant statement and read the Government Accountability Project's excellent rebuttal.

Deep Insider ~ April 30, 2007

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