who will be next World Bank President What will they do


Anti-PW must be right Could this be what some of us have been saying? PW does not work for WB but the for the WH.

What development experience do the cronies, including PW, have that is so great?How long has Junior been President of the USA?
Well, part of the Q&A session of the State Dept of today is edifying and now we know who rules the WB !!! The emphasis is mine :
QUESTION: On Wolfowitz, the President came out yesterday backing him. He said he wanted him to stay.


QUESTION: He praised his work for advancing the eradication of world poverty.


QUESTION: But is this suggesting, on the other hand, that the World Bank wasn't
living up to its mandate and it needs someone like Wolfowitz to get it in shape?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, he has been an agent for change at the World Bank and
they're -- you will find arguments on both sides of this. You will hear arguments from some saying, "Oh, no, perfectly fine, thank you very much, wedon't need any change here. You know, we were created 50 years ago and there's no need to change the way we do business."

On the other hand, there is an argument that while the world has changed and
you might look at it different -- incorporating some different ideas and some
different thoughts in development models, we have clearly been a strong
supporter of the World Bank and the work of the World Bank. There are a lot of
competent, experienced professionals at the World Bank who do a great job on
behalf of those who really need a lot of help in this world.

But we have also tried to work with the World Bank to try to change some of
their approaches in terms of -- give you an example, instead of just issuing
loans, provide grants, grants with certain conditions that expect something
from the recipient nations, which is very similar to the approach we have taken
with the Millennium Challenge Account. We think it's been a pretty effective
model and we --

QUESTION: This is a particular innovation that he brought?

MR. MCCORMACK: It wasn't something that Mr. Wolfowitz brought to the World
Bank, but -- and I'll let him speak for himself or his folks speak on his
behalf as to what programs he has been advocating. I'm just talking about, as the U.S. Government, some of the ideas that we have worked with the World Bank over the past six years, how to look at development, how to make the assistance that the more developed world provides -- how to make that more effective.

And I think that that's been a healthy dialogue, but at the root of it is the
idea that an institution of this importance occasionally needs to take a look
at how it does business and ask itself the question, how can we do things
better. We've made a few suggestions and -- but we're only one voice among

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