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(UPDATE) Well, they should know. Jack and Suzy Welsh have weighed in on Gonzales and Wolfowitz. You'll recall that Jack's messy divorce from his long-serving wife, Jane, after she found that Suzy's HBR "interviews" were a good deal more in-depth than normal, brought to the fore another corporate governance issue: excessive executive compensation. In this case, Shaha is not an executive, but her compensation for her off-premises non-job certainly is excessive.

Entitled "Dead Man Walking" they argue

"Unless you think you can endure a slow spiral of anxiety and awkwardness - and you do not give a darn about making your co-workers twist and squirm along with you - get out now."

"They are watching their relevance slip away, along with their hopes and dreams of making an impact. Like every dead man walking, they are discovering that jumping might have its merits. The outcome may be the same, but it is faster and hurts less."

And, it is to be noted, both Jack and Suzy resigned their jobs quickly once this was found out, to retain some honor and reputation. Just like the head of BP, the Dean of Admissions at MIT, and Randall Tobias at USAID, they were so ashamed and worried about the organizations they were previously with.

Paul, Shaha, can we send you the case studies?

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