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Under-qualified or Entitlement ? Riza didn't have the pre-requisites for the position/promotion that she thought she was entitled to. GAP has scrutinized the job vacancy requirements and has found out that Riza was under-qualified as well as not having relevant working experience let alone core competencies.

"In looking at the job posting, however, the first in a list of 11 prerequisites for the position is: MA degree with a minimum of 15 years of relevant experience, or Ph.D. and 12 years of relevant experience, in communications, journalism, political science, international relations, public affairs, marketing or other related fields.

Riza was a Gender Specialist at the World Bank for the five years previous to her appointment as Senior Communications Specialist (level G) in November 2004. She received her appointment in the field of communications six months prior to the opening of the competition for the higher-level Communications Adviser position (level H). According to her résumé, released to the Ad Hoc Committee, she has a Masters degree in social studies."

Comment submitted by e-mail
1. GAP's assertion (which you repeated) that Riza was not qualified for the GH position based on a comparison of job description and excerpts of her resume is not well informed. Leaving aside the merits of the process, the requirement for "15 years relevant experience" is (a) never limited to experience within the WB; and (b) need not be limited to communications in a narrowly defined way -- indeed, the job description says "other related fields." So on the face of things she was not ineligible on technical grounds. More telling would be the findings of the short-listing committee --- I have seen several suggestions that they judged her to be unqualified for the position, but information of that kind is very sensitive (although Xavier Coll would have access to it).

2. Wolfowitz claim that the WB's staff rules are confusing is interesting. Many seasoned insiders would agree with him on the substance. But PW had access to legal advice, and it would be extremely poor judgment (to say the least) to make decisions on such a sensitive issue without seeking such advice. Indeed, whatever one may think about PW's politics, history, or integrity, this episode has revealed an atrocious lack of judgment on his part.

3 The latest tactic --- of blaming Riza --- is also telling in a different way than has been emphasized so far. That he was vulnerable to being "bullied" by the preferences of a girlfriend just underscores the reasons why he should have remained at arms' length from negotiation in the first place! Indeed, I find this more damning than exculpatory.

4. PW's claim that the WBG has governance problems is right on the money. It needs root and branch reform --- and not limited to the treatment of ethical issues. A better selection process for President is part of the solution, but only part of the solution.

An insider.

The Beaver ~ May 03, 2007

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