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Everyone's Writing about Paul Wolfowitz Just when you thought you could catch up on George Tenet, Alberto Gonzales, Condi Rice and Niger, and Karl Rove's missing emails, trees are still being cut down to cover Paul Wolfowitz's adventures in corruption and cover-up. Voting him off the island is a good place to start.

So it appears that, to Wolfowitz, "keeping the ethics committee informed" actually means "someone else found out about the arrangements and blew the whistle in an anonymous email."

POSSLQ is not a word one sees often in the 21st century, but a friend of Paul Wolfowitz's neocon SAIS friend Ruth Wedgwood offers his perspectives on the facts in the matter

It would have been in better taste for Wolfowitz not to take the job in the first place, but indelicacy isn't the same thing as corruption.


I don't see how it's possible to avoid the conclusion that Wolfowitz attempted to mislead the public about how the Riza case was managed. And I don't see how it's possible to avoid the conclusion that, having gotten caught, Wolfowitz must either resign or be fired.

And from South Africa where, readers may recall, Juan Jose Daboob lectured Trevor Manuel about the virtues of privatization

Although Wolfowitz got the hearing he said was his due on Monday, it only made things worse. He had claimed the support of the bank’s ethics committee, but its former chairman, Ad Melkert, had a different story.

He said he had told Wolfowitz his girlfriend needed to be moved to a job beyond his supervision and compensated for any disruption. But he said he didn’t know about, let alone approve, his negotiating her pay package.

Since coming to the bank, Wolfowitz has adopted the attitude that everyone is corrupt until proven otherwise, has hired unqualified cronies, and pushed US views, such as an anti-abortion agenda, on an international body.

This was in keeping with his record at the Pentagon. As deputy secretary of defence, he boxed out anyone who did not co-operate in his effort to prove Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

You’re not being smeared if the accusation being raised against you is true, even if it’s small compared to the other stuff you’ve done. Just ask former president Bill Clinton, nailed for lying about Monica Lewinsky.

Wolfowitz in his victimhood is like George Tenet, who’s flogging a book, for which he got a $4m advance, like an crybaby. How unfair, he wails, that he should be blamed for the Iraq war just because he provided the basis for waging it. Tenet was so agitated in a 60 Minutes television interview that if there had been a couch nearby he would have jumped up and down on it.

Nice to see the allusion to reality-denying cults, too, at the end.

and, of course, Ken Rogoff, making the point that maybe other countries might be a better source for a job as important as World Bank president, after a process that was not allowed to become out-placement services from a failing US administration.

Deep Insider ~ May 06, 2007

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