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Wolfowitz nailed for role in Riza Iraq job. Channel 4 News (UK) has learnt that Wolfowitz used his influence to get Riza the SAIC work. Channel 4 reveals a previously unknown document quietly published by the Pentagon relating to Shaha Riza's contract with SAIC in 2003.

You can watch Sue Turton's fascinating 10 minute special report. The report demonstrates Paul Wolfowitz/s direct involvement in getting Riza a consultancy spot in Iraq - in direct contravention of World Bank rules preventing staff working in conflict countries. Channel 4 also digs into the Foundation for the Future position that Shaha Riza has obtained for herself. Not surprisingly they couldn't get pictures of a humming foundation office - because there are none to be had.

Government Accountability Project (GAP) has picked up the story and is quoting that "A preliminary inquiry issued by the Department of Defense (DOD) Directorate for Investigations of Senior Officials office in April 2005 names Paul Wolfowitz as the government official who directed contractor SAIC to hire Shaha Riza." See these verbatim extracts from GAP:
Recognizing Riza’s position at the Bank, the report states Wolfowitz told investigators that, regarding Riza:

“…strong opposition to the war was prevalent in the World Bank, so she incurred some professional risk in taking time off from her World Bank duties to engage in activity supporting the war.”

The document also shows that as early as 2003, Shaha Riza was cooperating with Wolfowitz at the U.S. Defense Department, and Elizabeth Cheney and J. Scott Carpenter at the U.S. State Department in her political work in Iraq.

Two years later, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Carpenter tried to arrange Riza’s ‘secondment’ to the State Department, in possible violation of U.S. appropriations laws.

We thoroughly recommend all our readers watch the report on-line.

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