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Generalissimo Franco Holds On The deathwatch continues. The Board has given Paul Wolfowitz yet another two days to respond to what everyone already knows. He broke the rules, his associates helped him, and he tried to cover up his actions.

For all the protestations of leaks, the only ones seem to come from PW and his noisy spokesman, Bob Bennett. Bennett, having adopted a more conciliatory tone in his latest "terribly unfair" complaint that got Wolfowitz an undeserved reprieve, seems to have limited this leak to the Wall Street Journal, where on Wednesday some other-earthly invective graced its op-ed pages. Other journalists are circling the Bank hoping for something to enrich their own weekend reporting. The op-ed and opinion pieces are all lined up for the Sunday editions.

Generalissimo Franco holds on! The paralysis continues as people wait for the regime to end.

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