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One for the weekend: Dr Seuss skit on World Bank affair. A World Bank staff member who can't concentrate on world poverty while their institution is enmeshed leadership dramas has taken the time to pen a new version of a Dr Seuss poem. Titled 'How I Sank the Bank', it adds to the prayer and various songs featured on this site. If it does not help get your kids to sleep this weekend you may want to read it aloud at the start of your next meeting.

How I Sank the Bank
By Anon., After Dr. Seuss

There was graft all around
It was not safe to lend
So I drank all the Scotch
Gave a raise to a friend

I was new to the Bank
I had no help at all
So much to be done
But just who could I call?

I asked for some help
To work on the 12th floor:
“Tell me, how do you feel
About pre-emptive war?”

Then I found the right helpers:
Thing 1 and Thing 2
“You both have no skills
Will 250k do?”

But those Things were no help!
They caused all sorts of pain!
All of my hard work
Went right down the drain!

They yelled at the staff
And put holes in my socks!
They did these bad things
And then leaked it to Fox!

“Thing 1 and Thing 2
You can’t do that, you see?
This is the Bank!
This is not OMB!”

They caused so much trouble
The Board called a halt
I made sure to tell it
“It’s not all my fault”

I said I was sorry
They still asked me to quit
Said I’d got us bogged down
In all kinds of deep ----

“Thing 1 and Thing 2
We must fix this mess now!
Get back in your box
Then I’ll tell you both how”

Now out with you both!
I will mail you to France!
Without those bad Things
I just need a fresh chance

Those two very bad Things
They messed up my reign
But now I will throw them
Right under a train

These moves will help us
Get more IDA funds
From the Brits and the Danes
And the Frogs and the Huns

That Ad Hoc Report
It was just so unfair!
And Thing 2 even ran off
With the comb for my hair!

The Current Situation
Oh, I like it a lot
But tell me George Bush
What else have you got?

Another song from a WB staffer is the following:

Paul, You're so vain

Sung to "You're so vain" by Carly Simon

You walked into the Presidency
like you were walking into Bagdad
Your contract strategically written
to breach Bank norms
Your signature issue anti-corruption

You had one eye on opportunity
as you replaced old Bank hands with cronies
And all the Republicans dreamed
that they'd get a Bank job through you
They be your employee, and they'd work for you

You are so vain, you probably think this song is about you
Your so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you
Don't you? Don't you?

You had us several years ago, when we were quite naive
Well you said we made such a good pair, like McNamara
And you told us you would end corruption

But you gave away the things you loved
and one of them was the Bank's credibility
We had some dreams, they were credibility with you
Credibility with you, and....

Well we hear you went up to Henry Paulson
and his ED naturally obeyed
Then you took Cleveland and Palacio to the ED meeting
To hear what we say about you

Well you are where you should be all the time
And when you are not, you are with
Some neo-con flunkies, or Shaha Riza
Trying to remake the Bank, Trying to loot the bank... and....

You're so vain!
You probably think this song is about you!

Alex Wilks ~ May 12, 2007

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