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More on team Wolfowitz behaviour. I received this from a well-placed named individual. More depressing stories on the actions of Paul Wolfowitz and his team of close supporters in the Bank. Especially two stories about foreign travel while on Bank duty. Make up your own minds on whether they ring true.

Our correspondent, who prefers to remain anonymous, contributed the following. Some of it summarises material seen on this site before, other parts are new:

You may be interested in the following tittle tattle about Paul Wolfowitz and his inner circle team, Robin Cleveland, Kevin Kellems and the good lady from INT, Suzanne Rich Folsom.

A well connected source tells me that:

1. Shortly after Wolfowitz joined the World Bank, British Airways wrote to the Bank to complain about PW’s behaviour when flying first class from London Heathrow to Washington DC. Apparently, PW had spread his personal papers out on the aisle floor and on the adjacent seats. When the flight attendant approached and requested that he keep his papers within his seated area because the other first class passengers were complaining and that he was in breach of BA’s in-flight rules, PW lost his temper; launched into a tirade and verbally abused the attendant. In complaining to the Bank, BA asserted that PW’s behaviour had bordered on “air rage” and that he would be expelled from its frequent flyer’s club.

2. On this or another occasion (I’m not sure whether it was the same trip), Robin Cleveland was travelling with PW from London to DC. While checking-in at the airline counter, Cleveland demanded an upgrade to accompany PW in first class. The check-in clerk politely replied that an upgrade to first class was not possible. Apparently Cleveland would not take “no” for an answer and argued the toss, claiming her status as a senior Bank official. It’s alleged that she flew into a rage and caused an embarrassing scene with her shouts, screams and use of four letter words. Apparently this was all in ear shot of PW who did not intervene to calm the situation. Needless to say, she was not upgraded.

3. One of the alleged factors prompting Kellems’s resignation was that he was aware that senior Bank officials had caught wind of allegations that he had embarrassed himself and brought the Bank’s reputation into disrepute while travelling on overseas missions with PW. The allegations involve his drunkenness at night while staying at hotels, running down corridors knocking on doors and being found lying naked in a drunken state in a stairwell. It is also claimed that he exhibited a fondness for exotic ladies of the night.

4. It is rumoured that Rich Folsom has attempted to close down the Bank’s internal online staff discussion board. Apparently various staff members have been commenting on the merits or demerits of claims in external blogs that she has been conducting an affair with PW. She is apparently outraged by such discussions and has threatened to sue for libel.

5. Apparently PW and Riza are no longer an item and separated quite some time ago. It is claimed that he’s now involved with a blonde lady in her 40s in Germany and that he stayed with her during his last trip to Berlin.

Kellems has gone and surely PW will not be too far behind. I wonder how long the other cronies will remain at the Bank once this fiasco is finally settled.

Name and address supplied.

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Alex Wilks ~ May 12, 2007

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