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Washington Post on Wolfowitz's Marital Status Wa Po's Al Kamen has been doing his best to find out whether Wolfowitz is married or divorced (follow link at bottom to go to page 2). Interestingly, Wolfowitz's (current or former) wife, Clare Wolfowitz, refuses to answer questions regarding her (and by implication his) marital status. Also, the Washington Post has this opinion piece by Sebastian Mallaby, who has made a reputation around defending the Bank from attacks by its critics, often using dubious data.

Mallaby argues that the institution is (or should be) doing a good job and that therefore Wolfowitz has to go as he's hindering its chances of doing good. A quote:

Wolfowitz seemed oblivious to research finding that corruption projects often fail; he didn't explain how a greater investment in this field would produce value for money. He brushed off the evidence that corruption is not the overarching blockage to development but merely one blockage among many; some corrupt countries manage to fight poverty effectively. And he mishandled the inevitable recriminations from the World Bank's board. If the bank's president cuts off a country on grounds of corruption, he better be able to show that it was really more corrupt than other places where the bank does business.

The scandal over his girlfriend's pay is the final nail in Wolfowitz's anti-corruption efforts.

Sameer Dossani ~ May 14, 2007

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