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A strong indictment of Wolfowitz These are the words that David Corn uses to qualify the report from the Ad Hoc Panel on his blog on the topic: How Wolfowitz and Riza Gamed the Bank

He points out two interesting segments of the report which, to him, should raise the question of his survival.
1.Had Wolfowitz indeed proceeded with a deal after he was warned it was "outside the rules"--a deal that was rather lucrative for his girlfriend--that ought to be a firing offense.
2. Instruction from Wolfie to VP of HR to bypass the General Counsel

As far as Riza is concerned, his take on her Machiavellian travails reflects those that were presented HERE
"It seems she was trying to turn lemons into champagne--that is, using the opportunity to settle old scores and award herself the money she believed she deserved. And Wolfowitz went along with his gal-pal".
He goes on with the following statement:"One doesn't have to read far between the lines to see that panel members believe that Riza tried to pull a fast one and that Wolfowitz enabled her, even cutting out other Bank officials who might have questioned the deal."
And he does have some questions (that we are all asking also):
1. what will the board do in response to the report?
His Answer: It can vote to reprimand or remove Wolfowitz. A reprimand might not be enough for many board members. But the board may not want to pull the trigger. It can issue a vote of no confidence, hoping Wolfowitz will resign.
2. But does Wolfowitz want to put up a fight? So far we have the answer but ...
this may become handy Note: lower the sound level if viewing in the office
3. Is the White House willing to stick with him, as it has done (so far) with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales? George W. Bush can be a stubborn fellow.
(we already have the answer)
He concludes with the following:
"If Wolfowitz manages to stay on after the release of the report, it will be quite an accomplishment for the accountability's-not-us Bush administration."

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