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This site subject to attack, but now we're back. Many readers have contacted us in the last four hours wanting to know what has happenned to our blog. It seems we were targeted by a coordinated internet attack wanting to take us off air at this crucial time in the Wolfowitz saga. Our hosting company says that the connections pattern seems to indicate a 'denial of service attack causing load spikes on the server'.

Our first priority was to get the site back up (compromising on the graphics - sorry). The next will be to get you all the information about this evening's negotiations on Wolfowitz's exit. The third will be to pin down who has been causing our site to go dead just as this story was reaching its endgame.

This afternoon, within minutes of worldbankpresident.org posting a story detailing the strong rumours that Wolfowitz’s resignation is to be announced this week, the site went down (at around around 13.45 EST). The site’s hosting company says that the logs are suspicious, almost certainly indicating a coordinated internet bombardment aiming to take down the site.

We are asking ourselves of course whether this could be one of the final acts of aggression carried out by friends of Wolfowitz while he is in public office?

Either way we are now hear again to publish the full low-down on the deal which is likely to accompany the Wolfowitz departure. And of course to track the process and outcome of who will succeed him. There is still lots of work to do, and we will play our part.

Alex Wilks ~ May 16, 2007

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