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Wolfowitz Deathwatch Continues Paul Wolfowitz continues the role as the Generalissimo Franco of the World Bank, clinging on without any scrap of integrity, and now with not just one, but two obdurate lawyers (the voluble Bob Bennett and, it seems, new US Executive Director Eli Whitney Debevoise II.)

Steve Weisman reports in the NYT that Wolfowitz is pushing for a deal to save his integrity (!?!), while AP is a bit more optimistic, rather than exoneration—the very idea—a finding of shared blame. While this might be easier for Wolfowitz and his cronies to swallow, it would require the Board to admit that its predecessors were not exactly alert and diligent in the two previous opportunities they had to deal with Wolfowitz and his girlfriend.

Not obvious they’d want to do that, though this is an area where some compromise would not be a bad thing. This would involve admitting that it was OK that Shaha's situation drag on until after Wolfowitz's contract was signed, that the Ethics Committee was right not to inquire into what her honey had directed, and that John Smith the whistleblower could, of course, be blown off when he came forward in early 2006, twice, to denounce the sweetheart deals for Shaha and the cronies. (Sounds like a indy rock group)

Meanwhile, it is rumored in the corridors that the erratic and attention-seeking Canadian ED, Samy Watson, was defending Wolfowitz in the Board, and apparently supporting the obstructive Americans, while Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, his boss, was back in Canada taking credit for having pushed Wolfowitz into such negotiations. This is typical of the Harper government, playing both sides against the middle as it attempts to curry favor with anyone who they think will be fooled.

Get a good night’s sleep, iron your blue outfits and get back to the deathwatch today.

Deep Insider ~ May 17, 2007

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