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Wolfowitz resigns! Notice on the Bank website: The World Bank's Board of Directors and Paul Wolfowitz announced Thursday Wolfowitz would resign as president of the World Bank, saying the Bank's mission should be "carried forward under new leadership." Read the statement

The BIC blogger ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

The Staff Association expresses its impatience with the delay. The impatience of the staff of the World Bank with the long drown out process of the board of directors and their wobbling came to the surface this afternoon. more...

A Washington source ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Wrong date on the resignation letter! The following is reproduced from the site Wolfowitz Resign. Apparently, Wolfie has drafted his resignation letter with an effective date of mid-June. I guess he needs that bonus of $400K. Chevy Chase und Berlin more...

The Beaver ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (18)

Exoneration for Wolfie's resignation. That's the wish of Wolfowitz but the Bank Board is not giving in, reports WaPo, which continues with:"for another day, the leadership crisis at the World Bank went on with no clear end in sight and much speculation about how and under what circumstances Wolfowitz might eventually depart." more...

The Beaver ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz, SAIS, CIA, SAIC This item, a rescue from one of our comments threads, calls attention to a White House cover-up of Wolfowitz's ethical lapses (explaining why the WH does not want the Board to confirm the Ad Hoc Committee report) and calls attention to another aspect of the World Bank scandal involving Wolfowitz-Riza-Cleveland and Anwar Ibrahim. The Three Strikes: more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

What Happened to Wolfowitz the Strategist? Is the question that Steve Clemons is asking today on The Washington Note, his blogspot. more...

The Beaver ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Reuters: Challenges to U.S. Leadership? Reuters has an opinion piece questioning the U.S. control over the appointment of WB presidents. more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Two possible African candidates. The Globe and mail is the first paper to mention two possible African candidates for the presidency of a post- Wolfowitz World Bank. more...

A Washington source ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz and Bush have same law firm. Lawyers Representing Bush In 2000 Election Case Signed Off On Wolfowitz’s Compensation Package for Riza, according to Think Progress organisation , which referenced a report from Law.com that has the following quote on the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, hired by Wolfie to review Riza's "sweet deal" transfer contract: more...

The Beaver ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Food fights at the White House. The FT reports that the Bush administration is divided into three Wolfowitz camps. Predictably, Cheney and Rove are reported to be leading the who-cares-what-rest-of-the-world-thinks posse, arguing that loyalty should win the day. If only those Europeans would just get over Iraq already... more...

Shannon Lawrence ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Washington Post speaks of months to wait. I've been scouring the net this morning to look for new elements on the deal to get Paul Wolfowitz out of the Bank. There are few to be had. A mention of the possible timetable in the Washington Post caught my eye, however. A senior White House aide told the Post that Wolfowitz might negotiate to stay at the Bank "for a few months" once the agreement is reached.

It's not clear what he will do there if so - his staff, board and others look very unlikely to be prepared to work with him, whatever is stated about shared responsibility in the settlement that is being hashed out behind closed doors. more...

Alex Wilks ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (20)

Broken Systems. Devesh Kapur, co-author of the Bank's official history, pins the blame on the World Bank's Board and shareholders for "sleeping at the switch" and ignoring Wolfowitz's management failings for so long. more...

Shannon Lawrence ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz Deathwatch Continues Paul Wolfowitz continues the role as the Generalissimo Franco of the World Bank, clinging on without any scrap of integrity, and now with not just one, but two obdurate lawyers (the voluble Bob Bennett and, it seems, new US Executive Director Eli Whitney Debevoise II.) more...

Deep Insider ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Wolfowitz to Board: I'll Only Quit When You Admit I've done Nothing Wrong. (Update). I'd hate to be a World Bank board member just now. According to this piece in the New York Times, Wolfowitz wants to be officially cleared of all wrongdoing before he steps down. more...

Sameer Dossani ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (18)

Wolfowitz must have had a busy day This interesting anecdote from a reporter from CNN says a lot about the state of mind of Wolfowitz and his high-priced attorney on this very "depressing" day more...

The Beaver ~ May 17, 2007 ~ Link

Still fighting? You pay your legal team to back you when everyone else has given up. True to form, Robert Bennett is still fighting: "Mr. Wolfowitz will not resign under this cloud and he will rather put this matter to a full vote."

David Steven ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Board adjourns for the night. Those of us/you who thought we were going to see some resolution tonight look like we are going to be disappointed. I have just been told that the World Bank board has issued the following statement: "The Executive Directors of the World Bank Group continued their deliberations on issues raised by the report of the Ad Hoc Group and in their meetings with Mr Wolfowitz yesterday. They will continue their deliberations tomorrow morning (Thursday May 17)". more...

Alex Wilks ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

This site subject to attack, but now we're back. Many readers have contacted us in the last four hours wanting to know what has happenned to our blog. It seems we were targeted by a coordinated internet attack wanting to take us off air at this crucial time in the Wolfowitz saga. Our hosting company says that the connections pattern seems to indicate a 'denial of service attack causing load spikes on the server'. more...

Alex Wilks ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Exit this afternoon for Wolfie According to ABC News, World Bank officials say the bank's board is completing an "exit strategy" that will allow World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to resign this afternoon and "still save some face" over the issue of his efforts to seek a promotion and pay raise for his girlfriend at the bank. more...

The Beaver ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link

Voices of World Bank women. A friend inside the bank has just emailed me the following comments from two women staff members posted on a bank internal bulletin board earlier today. more...

A Washington source ~ May 16, 2007 ~ Link ~ Comments (6)

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Wolfowitz resigns!
The Staff Association expresses its impatience with the delay.
Wrong date on the resignation letter!
Exoneration for Wolfie's resignation.
Wolfowitz, SAIS, CIA, SAIC
What Happened to Wolfowitz the Strategist?
Reuters: Challenges to U.S. Leadership?
Two possible African candidates.
Wolfowitz and Bush have same law firm.
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