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Kassebaum-Baker for President? Another name to throw into the pot for World Bank President - Nancy Kassebaum-Baker, ex-senator and currently serving on Tony Blair's pet project, the Commission for Africa, where she's rubbing shoulders with Geldof, Manuel, Camdessus, Brown, and other members of development's great and the good.

Kassebaum-Baker was the first woman senator not to be elected as a result of her husband’s death in office. She is a "moderate populist conservative", with a track record of interest in African issues.

While positive about the role development can play in propping up failing states, her track record suggests a willingness to push for sanctions on governments that infringe human rights.

She is a supporter of various development NGOs, such as Vital Voices, which is working for "a world of peace, justice and econonic [sic] opportunity for all, where the voice of every woman is heard and respected."

Kassebaum-Baker has been a critic of waste within the UN system – coming down hard on the UN’s global jamborees ("if an issue is serious, a conference will not solve it; if it is not serious, a conference is a waste of time") - and has campaigned to increase US influence over UN agencies.

As a Republican with a good international network, Kassebaum-Baker could be a consensus choice. For one thing, she is likely to support family planning programs - an issue where US policy has caused deep divisions internationally in the past.

But does she have the experience to run a large, messy and controversial bureaucracy?

David Steven ~ January 29, 2005

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