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Ignoring the obvious seems to be Paul Wolfowitz's latest ploy in the on-going saga of his high crimes and misdemeanors. Last night, as he was jetting to Brussels to discuss the fundraising gaps on Education for All, his office did a little "Mission Accomplished" not about achievements in April. The Chutzpah.

The World Bank
Washington, D.C. 20433

06:39:47 PM
To: All Bank Group Staff
Subject: Congratulations on April Accomplishments

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take a minute to encourage everyone to join me in congratulating our colleagues in the Africa, FPD and HD vice presidencies for milestone accomplishments in the past few weeks.

First, the Africa team has moved closer to delivering on FY07 targets of over $5.4 billion while sustaining our strong commitment to sound quality and achieving real results. In April, the Board approved innovative regional projects for agricultural research in West Africa and information technology in East Africa as well as agreeing to the first major grant under our new rapid response policy to rebuild critical infrastructure in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After years of hard work, the Bujagali dam project approved last week is a good example of what we can accomplish as a Bank Group with IDA, IFC and MIGA closely collaborating to address critical energy requirements in a partner country. While April was a remarkable month with over $900 million delivered including the projects I have just described, May looks even better with over $1.5 billion already negotiated.

On April 19, the Financial Sector Strategy was discussed by the Board. There was unanimous support from the EDs and particular recognition of the staff's efforts to revise and improve the document in light of comments by CODE. The strategy clearly articulates the changing set of challenges and opportunities that the World Bank faces in financial sector development. It provides a clear vision for Bank Group support for strengthening our partners' financial systems and improving access to financial services in low income countries, particularly Africa. The strategy also articulates how staff across various Bank and IFC units will work together and coordinate closely with the private sector and other development agencies, especially the IMF. Thanks to the team for advancing this important agenda.

Finally, the HD network deserves our appreciation for successfully moving the new Health, Nutrition and Population strategy through the Board this week. It is the first update in nearly ten years launching us on a new path with a country based focus. The strategy's important new emphasis on strengthening health systems, our comparative advantage, will provide an essential foundation for the success of other health interventions including work by vertical funds. I am especially pleased the Board gave strong affirmation to the Bank's policy on family planning and reproductive health. Overall, the strategy has a strong emphasis on clear targets and results which I am convinced will improve the delivery of HNP services and reduce the misery and poverty caused by illness.

I know this is just a fraction of the work going on Bank wide so let me express my appreciation to all who work so hard to fulfill our obligations to those most in need. Thanks and keep up the outstanding work!

Paul Wolfowitz

Leaving aside the fact that most of the work for this, except taking it to the Board, was done in March before he and his lawyers began this sideshow, the prospects for May and June are somewhat less encouraging.

It's also fair to note that the Health Strategy with its "strong affirmation to the Bank's policy on family planning and reproductive health" nearly wasn't. Only the revelations about Juan-Jose's Daboob's brazen and furtive interference to remove the chapter and references led to their reinstatement, and approval by the EDs on Monday. Hopefully the Madagascar CAS, with its support for the government's sexual and reproductive health policy and programs, will be in the May "briefing", sent to us by someone else.

What he omits, as well, is that his disregard for the rule of law and his unethical behavior since he took office have inflicted incalculable damage to the credibility of the institution and to the ability of staff to deliver the FD strategy approved by the Board.

With all this going on, he didn't refer to an annual April Achievement, this year's Bank Swirled, which presaged a lot of this. But, then, he never really understood the place.

It is interesting that after communicating with staff only in carefully staged town meetings for the last two years, he's taking up the advice he was given when he arrived, to talk to staff directly.

A bit too late, alas, and something he can reflect on as he departs Brussels, via London, around 5 pm today.

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