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About face Truth is prevailing. So far we have read about three instances whereby someone has fudged or misrepresented the real circumstances of what really transpired in 2005.

1. Erroneous mistake: earlier assertions that the Board was kept informed were wrong
Confused with an anonymous e-mail ( that's what the spin-master or high-priced lawyer is saying any way) sacrebleu!
2.Presumptuous:Riza was never a finalist for the Communications Adviser post - she didn't have the
qualifications. Thus no need for compensation as asserted by Wolfie
3.Entitlement or Greed:It was Riza herself who pressed Wolfowitz to impose the generous terms of her new posting, according to Bennett.

The week is not over yet and after the damaging article in Newsweek, wonder if the lawyer won't start spewing some new revelations tomorrow before the Ad Hoc Panel release their findings which could prove that someone has been misleading us all along.

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